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Meet all of your agricultural financing needs through the many flexible loan programs offered by Louisiana Land Bank.

Farmland Loans

A farmland loan from Louisiana Land Bank provides financing to help prospective and established farmers buy new land or improve/maintain existing land.

Farm Equipment Loans

We offer a wide range of farm equipment and agricultural equipment loans to meet your needs including tractor, sprayer, dozer and material handling equipment loans.

Crop Loans

Increase your crop yield and plan for the upcoming season while also receiving operational funds today with a Louisiana Land Bank crop loan.

Livestock Loans

Livestock can be a good investment, but only with the right start up capital. Get on the right financial track for your agricultural success with a livestock loan from Louisiana Land Bank.

Recreational Land Loans

Buying, expanding or maintaining land for hunting, fishing, or ATV trails can be an expensive proposition. A recreational land loan from Louisiana Land Bank can provide financing to make your dream property a reality.

Timberland Loans

Our timberland loans are specifically designed to help you achieve your financial goals through the purchase and management of working Louisiana timberland for your farming business.

Poultry Loans

Poultry loans from Louisiana Land Bank provide the capital to help you build and sustain a successful commercial poultry farming operation raising broilers, breeders, or pullets.

Hunting Land Loans

Since the early 1900s, hunting land loans from Louisiana Land Bank have helped deer, duck and other hunters throughout the state purchase private property to enjoy their favorite outdoor activity.

Agribusiness Loans

Louisiana Land Bank agribusiness loans provide the working capital you need to cover crop-related expenses throughout the growing season from cultivation to harvest to storage.

What would my loan payment be?

Loan Services

Agriculture is potentially more risky than almost any other business. Louisiana Land Bank understands those risks and offers a number of programs to help you manage them.

YBS Lending Program

The Louisiana Land Bank is committed to meeting the needs of Young, Beginning and Small farmers/ranchers.  By utilizing our flexible loan terms and working closely with other organizations and governmental agencies, we can tailor loans to fit the unique situations of YBS customers. In addition, we actively support other programs, events, scholarships and educational activities that benefit YBS farmers/ranchers.

Young Farmers
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Patronage Program

As a customer and stockholder of Louisiana Land Bank, you share in the co-op’s earnings when it performs well. Every year, the Louisiana Land Bank Board of Directors decides how much of our earnings must be maintained as capital to fund our growth and how much can be returned to customers through our patronage program. Patronage can be distributed in cash or as allocated equity.

Interest Rates

We offer a variety of competitively priced fixed and variable interest rate programs to fit our customers’ needs and objectives.
Please contact us at your nearest branch office and ask about our current rates and terms.

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