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Louisiana Land Bank

Loan Services

Agriculture is a unique business. Louisiana Land Bank understands the risks associated with farming and ranching in Louisiana and offers a number of programs to help you manage those risks. Louisiana Land Bank has specialized in financing rural and agricultural properties for more than 100 years and can provide you with the added value of our experience.

Mortgage Life & Disability Insurance

In the interests of your family’s future, if anything happens to you, what happens to your farm or your family?

Coverage offered by Louisiana Land Bank serves your needs as a customer by:

  • Offering reduced rates for customers
  • Paying all or part of your mortgage debt in the event of your death
  • Helping pay your mortgage loan for up to 3 years if you become disabled
  • Empowering you with the decision of how much of your loan to insure
  • Offering a 40% reduction in rates for women, which makes it more affordable for husband and wife to get complete protection
  • Allowing you to select a payment schedule that best fits your cash flow

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